EPA News: BioSpot, Sentry, Zodiac and Bansect to Pull Collars From Shelves by 2016



A few days ago, an agreement was made between pet supply companies and the EPA promising to stop production and distribution of pet collars containing the active ingredient propoxur. Companies like Zodiac, BioSpot, Sentry, and Bansect have all promised to halt all manufacturing of any product containing this chemical by April 2016.

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As it stands, these companies are going to continue marketing and selling the remainder of their inventory. The continued sale of propoxur-based drugs is due to the fact that, even though the product has been determined to be potentially harmful to people (predominantly children), the effects of this chemical have been deemed minor enough not to warrant an actual recall.


For those out there currently using propoxur-based flea and tick control, this is not a cause for alarm. Your pets are just fine with continued use of these types of products (hence them not being recalled). Just make sure to always follow the manufacturers instructions to the letter, and that any small children be kept away from your pet a day or two after first putting onย the collar. ย Also, any direct skin contact with the collar should be washed off with soap and hot water.

That being said, it is probably a good time to consider switching to a non-propoxur flea and tick repellent. There are plenty of other options on the market -- even some in the same collar form -- and since we know now that propoxur-based treatments are going to halt in production before too long, the time is right for getting your pet's body accustomed to receiving a different type of flea and tick protection.

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Most importantly, donโ€™t let the discontinuation of this particular product steer you away from flea and tick medications as a whole. Flea and ticks, along with the myriad diseases they carry, are still a much bigger threat to your petโ€™s health than any medication-derived problem you might be fretting over.

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