Dogs Who Don't Realize How Big They Are

Dogs Who Don't Realize How Big They Are

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Big dogs are just as loving and adorable as their little canine friends, and of course, if you own one then you already know- big dogs mean bigger hugs! Let's take a look at these huge canines who do not seem to realize how adorably big they are!

  1. When you think it's time to get up but your Saint Bernard says otherwise.giphy1We have seen gifs of dog owners being woken up by their adorable pets in the past, but this Saint Bernard likes to do things the other way round, and who are we to complain? Well there is not much that you can do when he puts his big paw down like that! Right back to bed it is. We're sure that the boss will understand! How can anyone say no to that?
  2. Being big boned has its perks can troll smaller dogs!giphy2Oh nothing's wrong with getting a good tail slap or two. I got a good deal of tail slaps in my day, and look at how fine I turned out, he woofs. He's got a point.
  3. Mommy, I can't move, this guy has got me in a super hug(e) lockdown!giphy3We get the feeling that this baby is loving being smothered by the big hugs! Don't fall for those innocent puppy eyes that he is trying to make, you know where he picked that up from.
  4. These guys are the classic dog- cat duo.. the dog tried extending the olive branch but clearly the cat was on a different page!giphy5This Great Dane was just trying to get friendly with the cat. Of course, things did not turn out as he suspected it would. Nothing wrong with playful fights!
  5. Don't you just hate it when you leave your seat to go grab some food, and come back to find it all shrunk? Well, you aren't the only one!giphy6Okay, which one of you decided to throw my lovely seat in the laundry basket again? It's shrunk. Oh well, fine. Looks like I will have to make do with this.
  6. Down the slide we go..Wheeeee!!giphy7We are pretty sure that this is not what pet experts meant when they said play and spend time with your dog. Seriously, it's not even his fault, you should have seen that coming. The next time, take turns may be?Do you have a big canine at home? Tell us what fun antics he gets into because he does not realize how big he is in the comments section below.
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