Dogs that have broken the Guinness World Record!

Dogs that have broken the Guinness World Record!

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Every dog owner is proud of their little baby and takes pride in every single achievement of theirs. However, there are many dogs in the world who have exceeded their greatness and made their way into the prestigious Guinness Book of World Records.

  1. World's tallest dog

The world's tallest dog, a Great Dane, stood at a whopping height of more than three-and-a-half feet (44 inches in total). If he stood on his hind legs, imagine how tall would he stand compared to you.

2. The famous dog who has the highest number of votes for Best Actor

Ever wondered if awards are given to dogs for their exceptional performances in movies and shows? Yes, they are! We have Rin Tin Tin, who is probably one of the most famous dogs in Hollywood. He was rescued from the battlefield during World War I and after this, he went on to star in several movies in the 1920s. In 1929, he earned the most votes for Best Actor.

3. The dog with the longest tongue

Owners and lovers of dogs love receiving their sloppy licks as this is a sign that the dogs are happy to see you. But, how will you feel if the tongue that is licking you is 7.3 inches long? There is one such dog who makes its owner very happy using his super long tongue. Mochi "Mo" Rickert is the record-breaking dog who has the longest tongue in the world. Imagine how much ice cream can Mo slurp with that tongue!

4. The dog who can hold the maximum balls in his mouth

Have you ever played fetch with your dog? How many balls does your dog fetch? One? Maybe two? But we have a record-breaking dog who can hold five tennis balls in his mouth. Augie is a Golden Retriever who has this record in his name; he earned this record in 2003. Can you imagine how fun would it be to play fetch with Augie?

5. The dog with the longest tail

We love it when dogs welcome us with a wagging tail, don't we? This is a sign that the dog is happy to see us. But imagine what would happen if a dog with a tail that is over two-feet wags it at you. You would most probably want to remove all breakable items from the vicinity. There is a dog in Belgium named Keon, the Irish wolfhound, who holds the record for having the longest tail. Keon's tail measures a whopping 30.2 inches. Wouldn't you like Keon to wag his tail with happiness when he sees you? These were some of the most amazing dogs with admirable world records in their names. Don't you want to get the paw-tographs of these super dogs?

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