Dogs And High Decibel Sounds


You can enjoy any high decibel function, but your dogs do not. In fact, your source of joy is the animal's source of stress. Almost all dogs get afraid when they hear high decibel sounds. This is as canines are sensitive and are strong in hearing. A swift change in its surroundings with loud fireworks and noise makes them confused and stressful. There will be multiple stress symptoms like whining, defecation inside the residence, appetite loss, and salivation. Most dogs want to escape the noise. This is the reason you do not see much dogs beside the high decibel source,

Loud noise means bad news

The problem is that a definitive cure is non-existent. To a dog, a large sound equals coming bad news. This pushes it to a panicky state and the dog runs away to someplace else. One possible solution to cope with the noise is to introduce the high decibel source to your dog while it is still a puppy. This will help to end its phobia of loud noises. Do remember that some dogs continue to be afraid of large sounds. If they do that, there is no point to continue the treatment. A number of tips can be followed during events to make your dog more comfortable.

You should take the dog out for a walk about an hour prior to the sound pollution. Once you two get back, provide your dog an excellent meal. A well fed and tired dog will be much less anxious. When the noise starts, keep the canine inside the house, Come whatever may, the dog must not be forced outdoors. Do not walk the dog or chain it while the crackers burst. Doing any of the three activities or all three or two of them will result in more damage. The dog can be even convulsed in pain.

Close off the outside environment

It is a good idea to shut all doors or windows. Pull the curtains to make the room light proof and sound proof. The idea is to minimize the penetration of sound and noise. Position blankets and cushions on the floor to quieten vibrations that are a result of high decibel noise. If your dog is frightened, do not pay much attention to it as it will encourage this behavior. You should remain cheerful and in control in front of the dog. Interact with it as normally as you always do. Pretend everything to be normal.

If the sound gets too loud, help your dog to locate a cozy and secure corner in the house where it can retreat and hide. Do not force it to come out of the chosen area during the celebration. Distract the dog by playing with it.

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