Dog With Two Noses Needs Forever Home, Proves Funny-Looking Pets Love Just As Deeply



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Snuffles the dog out to prove it's what on the inside that counts. The 5-month-old German Shepherd puppy has a rare defect, a nose that looks split in two."I've never seen the condition in my 20-year career,"

said veterinarianย Angela McAllister

. "It's a defect in his palate which gives him the appearance of having two noses as his nostrils can move completely independently of each other."

A Ruff Start

This was apparently just too weird for the dog's first five owners.

Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre

in Glasglow, Scotland, who took the dog in, said they suspect his different appearance is what caused his previous owners to give up on the dog.After the fourth return and an appeal for adoption, applications came flooding in, and what everyone thought was a forever pet parent was found: his newest dad "saidย Snuffles was perfect and everything he was looking for," commentedย Pamela Jackson, who works at Dogs Trust.

Sniffing Out a New Home

Unfortunately, just days after the announcement of his adoption, Snuffles was returned from his East Lothian, Scotland, home. The arrangement "didn't work out,"

says Dogs Trust

.We hope Snuffles will find his forever home soon, and we know he'll continue to teach those he meets about what's really important.ย 

Sandra Lawton from Dogs Trust shares: "He may not have been blessed with the looks of Lassie but he has a heart ofย ย gold."

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