DOG VIDEO: Dog Howls Like He's an Ambulance!

DOG VIDEO: Dog Howls Like He's an Ambulance!

Well, this?is officially the

most adorable thing

you'll?seen all day.This dog hears an ambulance off in the distance and thinks "hey, I can do that!"See the cutest?dog howl for yourself!

Ambulance Dog Howl

Could that possibly be any cuter?This gorgeous


is pretty much an ambulance. The only thing left would be to strap a strobe light on top of his head and train him in CPR.As adorable as this video is (and it IS), this dog's behavior is not all that unusual. In fact, many dog owners will tell you that their pooch will belt out a howl whenever they hear a siren. But why?

Why Dogs Howl

The most popular theory behind howls is that dogs do it as a means of communicating. As pack animals, wolves use howling for many things, from letting others know their location to coordinating an attack. So when a dog (a decedent of wolves) hears a howl, they often respond in kind.But why would they howl at a siren?Well, because to a dog, a siren sounds a lot like another dog. Perhaps they think there us a dog out there in distress. Maybe it is just the canine equivalent of saying " hey!" whatever the reason, many times when a dog hears a siren they decided to belt one out. and this dog sure knows how to hit those high notes!

Source: ScienceLine -Why DoSome Dogs Howl When They Hear Sirens?
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