Dog "Too Ugly to Adopt" Makes Incredible Transformation

Dog Too Ugly to Adopt Makes Incredible Transformation

Every day,

dogs in shelters

get overlooked for any of a number of reasons, but the most heartbreaking complaint is when the dog doesnโ€™t look pretty enough. Much of the time, these dogs have spent years on the streets, which is not an environment conducive to maintaining a presentable appearance.


Augustus out on the street

Such was the case with Augustus - a dog riddled with

sarcoptic mange

and afflicted with a visage so startling that, when a person saw him walk across his property, they threw things at him to scare him off.While it is no surpriseย that a dog like Augustus - with exposed skin and fur so matted that it looked like scales - would attract negative attention, the good people at

Heart of Alabama Save Rescue Adopt (HASRA)

saw the beautiful dog underneath. They saw a dog in need of some serious TLC.


Augustus getting some much needed love

As you can see, the rescuers had a hard time identifying Augustusโ€™ breed, since all of his distinguishing features were hidden underneath years of neglect. But once his fur started to grow back in, they discoveredย that he is actually a gorgeous Border Collie mix.To see the whole amazing transformation for yourself, watch the video here:

Is that not the most incredible transformation youโ€™ve ever seen?


Augustus looking all better!

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