Dog Throws Up The Solution To 5-Year-Old Mystery


Dog throws up wedding ring

After being married for 20 years, Lois Matykowski lost her wedding ring. โ€œI was devastated. How do you replace something like that? Not only the value of the ring but just the emotional ties too,โ€ said Lois. What makes matters worse, the ring was not insured.

Fast forward five years. Tucker, the Matykowskiโ€™s dog was busy doing what he does best -- sneaking mouthfuls of food that isn't his. Hence his nickname โ€œthe food burglar.โ€ However, being a dog, Tucker was unaware of the stick at the center of the Popsicle he was sneakily snacking on.

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Dog throws up wedding ring

But, thanks to the keen advice of the Matykowskiโ€™s vet, the popsicle stick was not long for his tummy. After feeding Tucker a Vaseline sandwich (which is exactly what it sounds like), Tucker managed to retch up the stick before it managed to do any serious damage.

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Two days after the Popsicle incident, Tucker made like he was going to have another bout of vomiting. Perhaps there were some renegade stick fragments yet to be dislodged. No, what spurned this latest cookie-tossing was something far...shinier.

Dog throws up wedding ring

Thatโ€™s right! Five years later, the Matykowskis are pleasantly surprised to find that the missing wedding ring was โ€œtucked awayโ€ the whole time (pun very much intended). Yes, the food burglar had struck again, but ended up unwittingly indicting himself in his own grand heist.

Luckily for Tucker, despite his formerly fraudulent ways, he is now being heralded as a hero for "returning" the long lost ring. And while it would have been nice for the Matykowskis to have gotten the ring back sooner, Loisโ€™ general attitude seems to be one of 'better late than never.'

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Also, they do get an interesting story out of the ordeal -- โ€œFriends have said 'I want a dog that throws up diamonds," says Matykowski. "Who wouldn't, right?"

Needless to say, despite the fact that he is currently riding high on the waves of his latest success, Tucker will be watched like a hawk from here on out anytime food -- or jewelry -- are within reach.

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