Dog Returned to Family by Mystery Rescuer Day After he Would Have Been on Doggy Death Row


Phineas via
Phineas via

Phineas, a 4-year-old yellow Labrador Retriever, has been making waves in the Ozark town of Salem Missouri for more than 16 months. The bizarre case began on a Friday afternoon in June of 2012, when Phineas allegedly bit a young child playing in the Sander's family yard.After reading what would turn out to be a faulty police report, the townโ€™s mayor deemed Phineas a โ€˜vicious animal,โ€™ and sentenced him to euthanasia, which was delayed by a court appeal.Desperate to save the doomed doggy, Phineas supporters contacted the Lexus Project, a dog rescue based in upstate New York. The group created the

Save Phineas Facebook page

, which garnered over 100 thousand โ€œlikes,โ€ and brought Phineasโ€™ plight into the national spotlight. Soon there were rallies, bumper stickers, and even a โ€œSave Phineasโ€ billboard, all fighting to free the popular pup.During the court proceedings, Phineas was held by the city in a number of โ€œundisclosedโ€ locations, including a no kill animal shelter, and the dark, dingy basement of a local firehouse.When supporters found out about the conditions of Phineasโ€™ temporary dwellings, they fought for him to be transported to a more comfortable veterinary clinic.

A Mysterious Turn

Thatโ€™s where Phineas was when he was kidnapped on October 11


, 2013. With no sign of a break in, police were stumped as to who took Phineas, and how.Phineasโ€™ family said they received a mysterious letter indicating that he was safe, but were unsure of his whereabouts.ย The dog was missing for over 2 weeks, until the day after the final trial which would determine his fate.On Friday, Oct. 25


, the judge overturned Phineasโ€™ death sentence, making him a free dog.ย The very next day, Phineas was returned to his family, who after over a year of drama greeted him with an abundance of relief, excitement, and affection. Who his rescuer was remains a mystery.You can learn more about Phineas' journey on the

Save Phineas Facebook Page


Via Facebook
Via Facebook
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