Dog Houses You Could Settle Down In

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In its most simple incarnation a dog house is a basic shelter big enough for your dog to settle in for sleep and shelter from the elements. But plenty of pet parents see more room for fun than that!Much like human abodes, dog houses can range from spartan to grand. Here is a sampling of some of the dog houses our furry friends have been demanding of late.

The Traditional Doghouse

Classic, economical, and really all that a pooch needs to stay dry and warm in most climates.


The Modern Doghouse

For the dog who loves technology, fancy kibble made by mixologists, and cyber tracking.


The In-the-house Doghouse

For dogs who like to pretend they'll sleep in the doghouse and then jump into your bed.


The Naturalist Doghouse

The doghouse for an outdoors pooch who is already a master at doggy yoga, only eats raw foods, and walks off-leash.


The 2-Story Doghouse

A house for a dog who likes to stretch out and watch the world go by, maybe bask in the sun. *Note: Your dog may find themselves evicted by the family cat.


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