Dog Grooming Mistakes: 4 Things You Should Never Do Top 4 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Grooming Your Pooch

Dog Grooming Mistakes: 4 Things You Should Never Do

Grooming your pooch isnโ€™t a complicated task. But many pet parents make mistakes when they groom their canine companions for the first time. Read this guide to learn about the things you shouldnโ€™t do when grooming your furball.

Summer’s here, and grooming your canine companion in the warmer months is important to help it stay comfortable. Booking a grooming appointment online might seem convenient, but securing a time slot for your Fido could be challenging. With the high demand for grooming services during the hot season, slots can fill up quickly, leaving you with fewer options.

To ensure your Rover stays cool and clean, give at-home grooming a try. Grooming your pooch is a straightforward process. You only need the right grooming products like dog shampoo, towel, and brush. But you could make mistakes if you’re grooming your Fido for the first time. 

Frequent bathing isn’t the only mistake you can commit; there are several more. In this article, we’ll explore some common dog grooming mistakes pet parents make and how to avoid them. 

#1 Shaving Your Dog in Summer

Many pet parents make the mistake of shaving their double-coated dog’s fur during the grooming process. They believe a full-body shave during summer will keep their pooch cool. But that isn’t the case, unfortunately. 

In an article published in WCNC Charlotte, Tara Belzer, the owner of Dilworth Dog Grooming, revealed that shaving your dog’s fur in summer will not help it cool down. It will expose it to the sun’s harmful rays instead. 

Canines, unlike humans, don’t sweat through their skin; instead, they sweat through their tongues. Their fur keeps their bodies insulated, protecting them from overheating during summer as well as getting too cold in winter. 

Avoid giving your Fido a full shave in summer. Shaving can damage your pet’s coat as well as the hair follicles, resulting in patchiness, poor hair regrowth, and a dull coat lacking shine. 

Instead of shaving, consider trimming your pooch’s hair. It will help get rid of dead skin and everything in between. Irrespective of the dog’s breed, brushing and combing is the best way to remove dead hair and keep your pet’s coat healthy, so do that daily. 

The Gripsoft Bristle Brush is an excellent option for brushing your Rover’s coat regularly. It helps get rid of loose hair, debris, and tangles from a dog’s coat. Its short and firm bristles help distribute the natural oils throughout the coat effectively, which helps reduce shedding. 

#2 Trimming Nails Incorrectly

When you take your Fido for grooming services, nail trims are a part of them. Professional groomers at a grooming salon don’t take more than 15 minutes for nail trimming. Their expertise allows them to pull off the task quickly without causing any harm or discomfort. 

But things are different at home since you’re grooming your pup. Giving your pup a nail trim might seem easy, but it isn’t. Most pet parents cut into the quick when trimming their Fido’s nails. 

Dr. Whitney Miller, DVM, MBA, DACVPM, the Chief Veterinarian at Petco, explains that the quick is the center of the dog’s nails. Cutting into the quick is painful and can even cause bleeding because it contains the veins and nerves.

On dogs with white nails, the quick is either pink or black, and it’s white or gray on canines with dark nails. Take care not to cut too close to the quick. Your dog will become fearful of nail trims in the future if you cut into the quick of the nail. 

A sharp set of nail clippers is a must-have for nail trimming. The JW Gripsoft Deluxe Nail Clipper is a worthwhile option. It’s ergonomically designed, so you won’t have to apply too much pressure or force to manipulate it. Moreover, it has a cutting guard to prevent over-cutting. 

For most dogs, nail-cutting is stressful, and they are scared, especially if they have had a bad experience previously. If that is the case, a nail grinder will be your best bet. Tom Fern, a veterinarian, advises pet parents to have a nail grinder at home to avoid frequent visits to a professional groomer. He explains that the device is easy to use, affordable, and efficient. 

The ConairPRO Professional Cordless Dog Nail Grinder is a great option. It trims the dog’s nails gradually without cutting too close to the quick. Also, it has a quiet motor, so it won’t frighten your Fido. 

#3 Brushing Your Pet’s Coat When it’s Wet

You might be tempted to brush your pet’s coat after bathing to remove tangles and prevent baths, but you must not do that. 

Grooming salons brush dogs’ coats when it is dry. Wet fur is fragile and prone to breakage. Moreover, the matted fur becomes worse and more difficult to remove. Hence, you must avoid brushing the coat right after giving your Fido a bath. Wait for the coat to dry. 

Different dog coat types require different methods. The appropriate drying method depends on the hair type. Dog towels can help dry the coat of your canine if it’s short-coated. For double-coated or long-haired dogs, the kennel dry method can dry their coats quickly. 

Once your furry friend’s fur is dried, you can brush the hair in the direction of the growth. The ConairPRO Comb for Dogs glides easily and gently through the coat of a dog. It also helps get rid of knots and tangles. Its ergonomic design offers maximum control as well as comfort. 

#4 Neglecting Dental Care

When you take your dog to a grooming appointment, groomers tackle various aspects of your pet’s hygiene, including bathing, brushing, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing. Yet, pet parents forget about cleaning their poochs’ teeth while bathing them. 

Neglecting your dog’s dental care can lead to serious health issues beyond just bad breath. Without regular brushing, plaque builds up, hardens into tartar, and can lead to painful gum disease and tooth loss. 

To prevent these issues, brush your Fido’s teeth several times a week. Wanda Altmayer, a retired individual, revealed that her husband brushes her dogs’ teeth. First, he uses a rubber fingertip (cot) on their teeth without any toothpaste to get them used to brushing teeth. Once they got used to the rubber fingertip, he put an enzymatic dog toothpaste on it. Later, he switched to a battery-operated toothbrush. 

Use toothpaste specifically formulated for canines. The Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Toothpaste cleans the teeth of dogs while also reducing tartar and plaque. Plus, it has a delicious taste, making teeth brushing a breeze. 

To sum things up, grooming your dog is important to maintain a healthy skin and coat. But pet parents often make these mistakes when they groom dogs. Being aware of these mistakes will help you avoid them and make a significant difference in your dog’s well-being. In case you have any doubts, consult with a professional groomer or your veterinarian. They will give you the best advice in this regard. 

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