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Many pet owners nowadays prioritize time with their pets. Some owners even celebrate their pet's birthday with pomp. It is a simple extension of thinking that owners like a drink or two to express their joy of having a dog. Some beverage companies are aware of such feelings and has thus made batches of pseudo-adult beverages suitable to be drunk by dogs. Sales have been brisk for such companies, and a significant proportion of them are already churning out profits.

Part of family

The rationale behind the purchase of such drinks is that the owners want their dogs to be a part of their family. If other family members can enjoy a celebratory drink, why can't the family dog join in? Other than the united in celebration factor, there is also the fact that many adults now wait before having children of their own, or remain childless by choice. For these people, dogs are equivalent to human kids and treated the same as other family members. Dogs, like the rest of the family, can now participate in happy hour. Drinks specially made for dogs will help to make your canine a little silly. The ingredients in such drinks induce euphoria or relaxation in canine companions.

Only dog drinks

Many dog owners buy "beer" selections like Barkbrew ale. This is a proprietary product and fully healthy for the dog to drink. These drinks contain glucosamine, a compound good for the joints and the hips. They also have peppermint for breath. These drinks have no mind-altering substances. The price of eight-ounce bottles comes to a little above $11. Bottles are also sold in five-ounce size. These dog drinks are now found in almost all big brand supermarkets and in many pet stores. Many mainstream breweries have shown interest, and it is only a matter of time before canine cocktails are found everywhere. The companies also sell online, and digital sales are showing a healthy trend. There can be no ignoring the physical stores, however. This is as retailers make the connection between the business and the consumers. In fact, owners of cocktail companies asserted that a steel and concrete store is a backbone of the operation. Dog owners like to hold the product they will give their dogs before to making a purchase.

Dogs have inspired many human cocktails too. The Hound Dog is one of the more popular cocktails out there. Many drinkers claim that although dogs are human's best friend, then bourbon comes a close second. You can show appreciation to both dogs and bourbon by ordering the spicy and sweet hound dog cocktails. The warmth of the whiskey complement the ginger and the peach perfectly.

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