Dog and sitting postures

Dog and sitting postures

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Your dog can sit normally or it can sit in a sloppy manner. If your dog sits sloppily, it could indicate a medical problem. Majority of dogs hide their pain, the only outward signs are how they sit. Consult a veterinarian if this is a case for your dog.

Normal and sloppy

A dog not in pain sits with rear legs tucked under hips. The limbs are kept near the body. In case of sloppy sit, the legs are loosely held and moved to one side. Both legs can be stretched out as well. A sloppy sit dog must not always mean a sick canine. A lazy dog and puppies do it too. The sloppy sit is also seen in dogs which are extremely tired. As per veterinarians, sloppy sits are common in puppies. If your puppy does this, be assured that it is a completely normal affair.Multiple underlying medical conditions exist as to why a dog sits with legs on the side. Other than medical, such behavior could also be attributed to a lazy canine. Some conditions, like hip dysplasia, frequently results in pain in dogs. The canine may sit in a sideways style so that discomfort could be avoided. A dog suffering from hip problems could face a tough time getting up from the sit position or in a lying down position.Arthritis could also be a valid cause for dogs to sit with legs splayed out. Other causes include knee pain due to luxating patellas and a torn cruciate ligament. The last is a sureshot reason if the canine limps on its rear leg. In many a time, sloppy sitting could be unrelated to any orthopedic problem. This could be the result of a herniated disk and anal gland problems. A dog can also sit sloppily if its tail is hurt and feels painful.

Things to do

Sloppy sitting dogs, if there are no medical problems, are perfectly normal. This behavior may not mean much for the average dog owner, but it could be crucial for someone harboring special ambitions for their dogs like it getting a medal. Vital points can be lost in the obedience ring if your dog sits in a sloppy position.A sloppy sitting dog could be trained to execute perfect sitting postures by rewarding only straight sits. If this is done long enough, the habit of sloppy sits will go away. Like human species, the earlier you teach to this puppy, the better it is. If done from long enough, such behavior would be included in the canine's muscle memory. The young puppies have the advantage of a new muscular-skeletal system. Do keep in mind that you must consult a veterinarian if the dog suffers from prolonged illnesses like this one.

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