Does Your Cat Have A Swollen Belly? 5 Reasons Why It Has This Problem!


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A tissue lining known as peritoneum covers the internal organs and abdomen of your cat. It secretes peritoneal fluid, which allows the organs to locomote, as your cat moves around the house.If you notice a swollen belly on your cat, it is an indicator that this fluid is building up, due to various problems. Today, you will get to learn about the different reasons which contribute to a swollen belly, so that you can take appropriate action.

Abdominal organ failure

There will be times when organs such as the bladder, kidneys, and liver, donโ€™t work properly or fail, which causes fluid buildup inside the felineโ€™s body. These organs are important for removing excess waste and fluids from the body. If the kidney or liver rupture or fail, they will start releasing fluids into the felineโ€™s abdomen, which leads to an infection.There are several reasons which cause kidney and liver failure, such as metabolic dysfunction, infection, consumption of toxins/chemicals, and imbalance in the diet to name a few. The other symptoms of abdominal organ failure are lethargy, loss of appetite, and weight loss.


Another reason why your cat has a swollen belly is due to cancer. Due to large masses or tumors in your felineโ€™s abdominal cavity, they will cause blockages, which disrupts the functioning of the organs. The fluids which go to organs for filtration will leak out or back up, to the catโ€™s abdomen, causing significant swelling over time.

Feline infectious peritonitis

There is a virus which flourishes in the catโ€™s white blood cells, which causes feline infectious peritonitis. The infection causes significant damage to the catโ€™s tissue lining, which starts to swell up due to inflammation. The virus is dangerous, as it reduces the strength of your catโ€™s immune system, allowing it to affect the abdominal lining and kidneys.

Congestive heart failure

Congestive heart failure is a disease which prevents the heart from performing its function, such as pumping oxygenated and fresh blood throughout the body. Most of the time, the swelling is due to right side suffering from congestive heart failure. High blood pressure, heartworms, and heart diseases are some of the common reasons which lead to this problem. Also, it can pass on from one generation to another, as it is genetic.


If your cat got injured because of an accident, its internal organs might have gotten damaged. As a result of this, it can rupture or tear the organ, causing fluids to start leaking into its abdomen, causing significant swelling.These are the five reasons why your cat may have a swollen belly. Take your feline to the vet immediately, so that he/she can perform a proper diagnosis.

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