Do You Know These 5 Useful Cat Care Tips?

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Do You Know These 5 Useful Cat Care Tips?

No matter how many felines you've had over your lifetime, there's always something enigmatic and puzzling about cats. So it makes sense that there are a few useful cat care tips that you may not have known about.

1. Cats prefer running water cat-care-blog-2

A built-in instinct from a time before they lived in your house, cats like running water better than the stuff in the bowl, ABC News reported. Historically, still water is more likely to have bacteria or microbes in it. Although you may keep your cat's water perfectly clean, they'll always prefer something that moves.The news source suggested investing in a pet water fountain. Others prefer to just leave the sink running a little bit. Either way, adding some running water will help your cat stay hydrated, which felines often struggle with.

2. Put your litter box somewhere private cat-care-blog-3

According to Animal Planet, cats are just like humans when they go to the bathroom -

they want some privacy

. While the most important thing about litter box placement may be easy accessibility, privacy is a close second. Find them a spot where they can relieve themselves without fear of being disturbed. Litter boxes also need to be far from where they drink and eat, as the old saying goes.

3. Cats need to scratch cat-care-blog-4

Scratching isn't just a hobby, as the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals explained, it's a necessity. Scratching allows cats to shed their outer nail shells and keep their claws smooth. Help your cat out by getting them a scratching post or pad that will let them have a little fun while taking care of this important grooming habit. Of course, just because they need to scratch doesn't mean you have to let them scratch you up.

4. Indoor cats live much longer cat-care-blog-5

If you've been considering whether or not to let your fuzzy feline outdoors, PetFinder warned that outdoor cats only live an average of three years compared to an indoor cat's 15 to 18 years. While being outdoors may offer more exploration opportunities, it also provides significantly more danger.

5. Play with your cat all the time cat-care-blog-6

Cats can be coy or antisocial sometimes, but The Animal Rescue Site recommended that owners play with their cats every chance they get. Not only does playing improve your bond with your cat, but it also helps them get a bit of extra stimulation.Use your


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