Do dogs get gout?


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Gout happens when uric acid crystals get deposited in body tissues. These happen frequently at the joints. The principal cause of gout is a high protein diet. Other gout inducing factors include genetics or kidney or liver disease. It happens when uric acid does not get properly cleared from the system. Yes, dogs do get gout. The disease in arthritic form is actually rare in the case of dogs. In canines, an accumulation of uric acid manifests itself as bladder disease. This shows up as sore joints, and the dog limps.


Dalmatian dogs suffer the most from gout. This is due to their unique metabolism which cannot eliminate excess quantities of blood protein. The body which usually generates the allantoin (soluble waste product) and gets peed out generates insoluble uric acid in Dalmatians. Urinary tract problems show up as blood-stained urine and the increased frequency to urinate. The dog will be strained when it came to passing urine and generate small puddles every time it urinates. In many cases, no urine will come out even as the dog wants to urinate. Contact your veterinarian if you notice any or multiple these symptoms.


It is important to know the whys and the wherefores prior to the start of treatment. Uric acids could generate in excess if the dog suffers from a Portosystemic shunt or kidney disease. The former is a congenital condition where the blood gets shunted past liver. The latter results in an inefficient ability to eliminate waste products. Whatever be the cause, it is vital to treat the underlying condition. If your dog suffers from this type of gout, and you can spend large amounts of money, it is possible to spend substantial amounts on shunt correction. If you are like a majority of dog owners, earning an average income, then the task to do is to manage the condition with drugs. A low protein diet also works wonders.If you own a Dalmatian, give it the drug allopurinol. This will eliminate uric acid. Do understand that allopurinol is not authorized to be given to dogs. You will be needed to sign a consent form.Gouts are different in dogs and humans. In humans, crystals will get deposited in the joints extremities like toes and fingers. In case of dogs, the uric acid crystals will show up in urine. These brush against the bladder lining, resulting in soreness and inflammation. The clumping of uric crystals happens over a period of time. There can be a risk of a few such stones getting flushed down the urethra. It may get stuck while passing through. This means the dog cannot urinate. If this happens, it is an emergency situation.

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