Designing Your Home to Live Well With Dogs and Cats

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Designing Your Home to Live Well With Dogs and Cats
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If you wish to turn your home into a pet-friendly space, here are a few tips to follow:

Think about prevention

First and foremost, you need to think about your the safety of your belongings. Since cats and dogs have a strong olfactory system, which they use to understand their surroundings. This is the reason why it chews on your shoes or sniffs the sofa. If you wish to prevent your pet from destroying your belongings, you can lock them in a cabinet. This prevents your pet from digging through your belongings.

Vacuum regularly

Dog and cat hair sticking to sofas and couches can be extremely irritating. This can get worse if you are allergic to their fur. Shedding is something that neither you nor your pet can avoid. At the same time, your pet may jump on the bed or sofa with dirty paws, thereby giving you a hard time. You can keep your house free of your pet’s hair by vacuuming your furniture regularly. Make this a daily routine if your pet is shedding hair.

Use stain-resistant, washable fabrics

Instead of using silk, velvet or chintz, which holds pet hair, you can check out Crypton, a synthetic fabric that can withstand bacteria, stains, odor and soiled paws. Leather is also a good choice because it is durable and easy to clean. The ultra-seude fabric is also good because it is machine-washable. When it comes to bedspreads, you can go for duvet because you can wash them regularly. These fabrics work extremely well for on-the-go pet owners who get very little time for housework.

Create a designated pet area

You can create a designated area within the house for your pets so that they don’t dirty the entire house. You can create a space with an up-cycled furniture where your dog can jump about or lounge. You can even use old bedspreads to create a cozy hammock for it. When it comes to your cat, you can install a perch in the room because cats like elevated positions. A designated pet area will help you to keep your house clean and cater to your pet’s need for fun. It is, however, advisable that you use hard surfaces for flooring the space.

Groom your pet regularly

Last but certainly not the least, you need to groom your pets regularly. Bathe it and trim its nails so that it stays clean and doesn’t tear off your expensive furniture. Having a clean pet in the house can reduce dirt and your headache of clearing out mess every day. Proper grooming also keeps diseases at bay and promotes your pet’s overall well-being.Follow these tips to create a space that you can stylishly and comfortably share with your pets.

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