Dealing With Common Potty Training Problems With Dogs

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Dealing With Common Potty Training Problems With Dogs
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Dogs, especially puppies, sometimes don’t have control over their bladder. It is common for puppies to urinate in the wrong places. But that does not mean they are misbehaving or they are doing it on purpose. Often, they do it by “accident”. It is therefore your duty to train them from a young age so that they learn about proper potty habits.Here are some of the common potty training problems and solutions which might be useful for you the next time you take your dog for potty.

  1. Inconsistent potty timingsInconsistent potty timings is a big problem dog owners face when they deal with puppies. The main reason for this is improper food timings. Don’t feed the puppy throughout the day. That way you will lose track of the time it takes for the puppy to digest the food. Usually, puppies feel a need to urinate as soon as their food gets digested.
  2. Lack of communicationAnother reason why your dog needs potty training is because it helps bridge the communication gap between you as an owner and your dog. You must learn to read your dog’s body language. It will help you understand what you’re trying to say and your dog too will learn to trust you more. Moreover, it creates a friendly environment which is very important.
  3. Doing it indoorsMany puppies have the habit of doing it inside the house. Part of it may be because you can’t understand your dog when he’s trying to talk to you or he is suffering from a problem. For the first you can use training as a means of communicating more with your dog. For the latter, if you don’t see any other symptom then don’t worry because puppies have a small bladder and it is natural that they can’t hold it for too long.
  4. Lack of trainingTraining is the best way to ensure that your dog develops proper potty timings and behavior. It increases communication and helps you both understand each other. Every morning take your dog out for a walk and adhere to the timing. Keep fixed timings for food and water. That way you’ll be able to understand when your dog goes for potty. Adhere to the routine and create a separate one for days when you’re not at home.

Giving dogs proper potty training is one of the toughest jobs for dog owners. There are common problems that every owner has to face but through proper training, the problems can be solved. Creating a routine that includes eating, drinking water and potty time and teaching dogs to follow that routine is one of the best ways to make things work.

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