Deal with Your Dog's Incontinence

Deal with Your Dog's Incontinence

It may feel like your pooch is reverting back to when they were a puppy, having accidents on the floor, but when your dog's indoor urination becomes a common occurrence on the carpet, it's likely that they have a serious health issue and could really use your help to get medication like



What is canine urinary incontinence and how is it caused? Proin-Incontinence-Blog-2Urinary incontinence

is the loss of control over the bladder. In some pooches this manifests itself as dribble or small leaks, while for others it can be full bladder release. Often, people don't notice a smaller problem until they spot a wet area where a dog was just sleeping or lying. Incontinence can also be identified when dogs are licking their genitals excessively or have rashes around this area caused by dripping urine.As the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals explained, there are a number of causes for incontinence in dogs. Some reasons are simple and easy to treat, like a urinary tract infection, while others are much more complex, including hormonal imbalances, prostate disorders, spinal damage, certain diseases or even some medications.

Treat it right 

If you suspect your dog has incontinence, contact your veterinarian for a diagnosis. If left alone, the incontinence may grow worse and can lead to skin, kidney or bladder infections. Luckily, if your pooch is diagnosed with urinary incontinence, the situation is likely treatable. One of the most popular treatment options is Proin.


is a chewable, liver-flavored medication that your veterinarian can prescribe your pooch. It's a hormone-mimicking drug that acts like adrenaline or epinephrine to strengthen and tighten the urinary sphincter. A loose urinary sphincter can let urine leak out over time, but taking this tasty medication allows dogs to practice bladder control like normal. Unlike other hormone-mimicking medications, Proin is designed to avoid negative side effects in your pooch like high blood pressure.Other treatments for urinary incontinence in dogs include hormone therapies, collagen injections and surgery. Dog Time explained that surgeries for female dogs actually move part of the bladder higher up to increase the effectiveness of the muscle walls. This allows for better urinary control by constricting the bladder and urethra. Surgeries for male dogs tack down ducts and fibers in and around the genitals to help hold urine in the urethra better. Surgeries are only used as a last resort if medications like Proin don't work with a particular dog.

Know the difference between incontinence and excitementProin-Incontinence-Blog-3

Just because a dog urinates unexpectedly doesn't necessarily mean that they have incontinence and need a prescription for Proin. As Janet Riebe, a veterinarian at Woodhaven Animal Health in Plover, Wisconsin, explained in her Stevens Point Journal column, dogs can get excited and drip urine as well."Some dogs, especially when they are young, will involuntarily pass urine when they are excited or nervous," she wrote. "In these cases, the dog is generally not at rest, and the behavior is predictable. This pattern of urination is classified as 'submissive urination,' which is different from urinary incontinence. Luckily, the vast majority of young dogs will outgrow this behavior."Riebe was writing in response to a question about a 6-year-old golden retriever who leaves a wet spot while sleeping. While she suspected that this pooch was dribbling because of incontinence, she reminded people that there are other reasons well-trained dogs can urinate without control. Make sure you don't rush your dog to the vet just because they got excited.Use your


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