Curious Dog + Aerosol Can = Goodbye House; How to Avoid This True Story in Your Home



Does your dog ever get into things under the sink or in places they shouldn't? It might be time to

dog-proof your home!

Zeus Brings a Fiery Inferno


mix Zeus, a 6 month old puppy in Yorkshire, England, chewed through a spray can,ย 

igniting a gas fire

ย that blew up in his home! Thank goodness he and his pet siblings -- two dogs and three cats -- survived unscathed, as did their pet parents, Kerry Leech and Mathew Heckler, who weren't at home at the time.Apparently Zeus found the spray can of deodorant, punctured it while playing with it, and then left it next to the boiler. A few minutes later, the boiler turned on and the can exploded. The $3,300 in damage includes shattered windows and burned floorboards and furniture, but still, pet parents Kerry Leech, 20, and Mathew Heckler, 22, who returned to find firefighters trying to put out the blaze, know it could have been much worse."Poor old Zeus is lucky he didn't chew that can a few minutes later or he'd probably be dead now,"ย 

Heckler said


Keep Dangerous Items Closed Away

We're so relieved to hear that no one was hurt! But what can you do to avoid a similar catastrophe?Anything poisonous or flammable should be kept in latched cupboards, up high, or other places where pets can't reach them. This includes pesticides, aerosols, fuels, and antifreeze. Check out these

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