Could your dog survive alone in the forest?


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There are times when a dog runs away from home. If you live in a rural area with forests, then there is a fair chance that the dog has run into the forest. Your dog is after all the latest in the long line of tamed wild animals, with a residual surviving instinct inside. It can survive in the wild. The question here is for how long can it survive? If you feel guilty when your dog ran, do not feel so. It is a common experience among campers who visit the forest with their faithful canines. Sometimes the animal instinct takes over and you are forgotten.Do understand that a dog runs more kilometers than a human. You will see your dog running back and forth when you walk. It runs a little in front of you and then runs back. This means it runs more than twice the distance you cover while walking. A few dogs are runners and they advance more than a kilometer before running back to you.If your dog does not return to you, it may have got lost. Yes, canines do get lost. Other possibilities also exist, as they have fallen into a trap set up by other hunters to catch a wild animal. Whatever the possibilities, you must wear good quality hiking shoes before you step out of your house or tent. You need it for survival.

House v. forest

To domesticated dogs, a forest is an unknown territory, ripe to be explored. They are trained to be docile, and not to attack, let alone kill. This training makes them vulnerable to wild ferocious animals. Worst of all, the dog may encounter a snake. Although a dog is alert when it is alone, this trait may not be enough to save itself from pack animals.

Edible poisons

Since your dog is unfamiliar with a lot of delicious looking fruits it spies in the forests, it could eat a poisonous fruit or substance which may make it ill or even in the worst case, kill it. Harm from indiscriminate eating is more a possibility than being attacked by wild animals./

Traps and harsh weather

There is a possibility that your dog is lying in a trap laid out by hunters. Its foot could be caught inside a trap or could have slipped into a deep hole. It is also not unknown for dogs to fall from cliffs. Keep your ears sharp while you search for your four-legged best friend. Your dog will whimper as it hears you coming. Another danger is the extreme cold or heat of the outdoors. Dogs with a thick fur coat can survive the cold but those who have no fur cannot.

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