Cop Uses Love to Save a Dog -- Twice!



What is better than a story about a cop willing to save a dog rather than fire on them?How about a cop willing to save the same dog again!

Save a Dog Once

save a dog

Late last month, Sgt. Gary Carter was called to handle a purported โ€œaggressiveโ€ dog that was terrorizing a neighborhood. When he and his partner showed up to the scene, they realized that the dog was just lost and scared -- and also fairly thirsty.

RELATED ARTICLE: How We Misunderstand Dog AggressionAfter luring the dog into their patrol car with a breakfast bar, it became clear that the dog was the farthest thing from aggressive. He just plopped down in the back seat, grateful that someone was willing to get him off the streets.After returning the dog, named Jeffrey, to his rightful owner, everyone had thought that the story had come to a happy conclusion.Original Story: Officer Uses Love to Subdue an Aggressive Dog

Save a Dogย Twice

save a dog

Unfortunately, earlier this week, Sgt. Carter was heartbroken to discover that Jeffrey had, once again, ended up in the city animal shelter. And this time, his owner had declined to claim him. Given Jeffrey's sordid past, and the fact that he had nobody to care for him, he was likely going to end up being put down.And he would have, too, if it weren't for Sgt. Carter. After seeing the delinquent dog staring up at him during a visit to the shelter, Carter decided that it was about time that this dog

found a loving home, and he knew just the a dog

And while the little scamp previouslyย had the ability to come and go as he pleased, at the Carter house, things are going toย operate a little differently. โ€œWhen he comes to my house, heโ€™ll have to contend with four dogs, two cats and six grandchildren,โ€ Carter said. โ€œHe needs to be well-trained.โ€

RELATED ARTICLE: How to Train a Pit BullTo kick off the start to Jeffreyโ€™s new life on the right side of the law, Sgt. Carter decided to start with a clean slate by renaming the renegade pooch. And what could be better name for this dog than โ€˜Chanceโ€™?PetPlus

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Source:Star Telegram - Arlington Police Officer Rescues Pit Bull Twice


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