Considering a daycare for your pet? Here's what you should consider before doing so


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As all pet lovers know, hardly anything compares with the loving company of our pets and the joy it gives us. Much as we would love to spend all our waking hours with them, work or family commitments often mean that we have to spend long hours away from our buddies. In the meanwhile, how can we ensure their wellbeing if no one is around to take care of them? That is when pet daycare becomes a true blessing.But how do we know that the daycare we choose is ideal for our pets? Here are a few points that would help make that choice:

  1. Do your researchResearch done on the internet for the nearest daycare centers can yield pretty good results. Especially given that the ratings and reviews posted by the previous clients can be viewed online, it is possible to gather a rough idea regarding the various facilities. But the best and the most reliable way to find an ideal center is through personal referrals. Ask close friends and family about the pet daycares they trust. You can also get your doubts clarified through them and what is more, they can even give you tips on how to arrive on a considered decision.
  2. Visit the daycareDrop in at the centers in your list to see for yourself how they maintain the facilities. In addition to checking whether the place is neat, clean and hygienic, you can also find out the number of staff available per pet on any given day. It is also a good idea to see whether the daycare has enough properly fenced outdoor area for the pets to safely play around.
  3. Meet the peoplePay special attention to the staff and their interaction with their animal and human clients. The daycare employees should be cheerful, rested, communicative, enthusiastic and well-informed. Also note how the other pets in the daycare respond to the staff. Steer clear of centers where the animal residents seem afraid or anxious.Talk to the people in charge. Ask them about the daily routine at the facility, their licenses and permits, how they handle crisis situations and clarify any other doubt you may have. Getting feedback from previous clients would also be helpful.
  4. Do a trial runWhen you have zeroed in on a daycare, drop your pet in for a few hours while you are available in town, so that in case anything goes wrong you can rush in. Once you get back, inspect your pet thoroughly. Though she may be tired and a little dirty, on no account should she be completely drained of energy, stink of urine or stool, or have any injuries that were not informed of.
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