Common Things That Scare Cats

Common Things That Scare Cats

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It is not without reason that the phrase โ€œscaredy catโ€ is used. While some things that cats fear are irrational, others are due to how they are raised and the situations that they face when they are kittens. Let us take a look at some common cat phobias.


Cats are afraid of water. Period. But what makes your cat flee in utter fear every time you try to bathe him? Some say that this could be traced back to their lineage. Domestic cats descended from cats that were in Arab regions, which had few water bodies. Due to this they did not learn to swim, in turn making them fearful of water. Of course, it is not just their inability to swim that makes them scared of water; cats also do not like the sensation of getting drenched in water. They are typically nimble creatures, and when they get drenched, the water makes them sluggish, affecting their agility and movement. Also, it takes much longer for their

fur coat

to dry once wet, which is why they're scared of water.

New people or pets

Cats are territorial, and instantly get their defenses up when a new person or pet comes into their territory. So if you have a guest that your pet has not met, or a new pets coming into your houses, you want to watch out for aggressive behavior in your cat. Make sure you have some


at hand, to reward your kitty when he/she does not act out of fear around new people or pets.

Vacuum cleaners and hair dryers

Does your cat go hide under the bed every time you switch on the vacuum cleaner? The sound and the movement of the vacuum cleaner could be scaring your cat. Loud noises from hair dryers, fireworks and other sources may also easily scare your cat. What is interesting is some pet owners use this to train their cats. Since cats are scared of loud noises, it is used as a means to discourage certain behaviors. So if you are toilet-training your cat, simply shake a can filled with pebbles if he/she litters outside the box.Cats are naturally a little weary of new situations and changes, so don't be surprised if your cat acts scared in any of these scenarios. However, if your cat is scared all the time, then it's also causing undue stress, which, in turn, affects his mental health and well-being in the long run. You want to take your cat for a visit to the vet if that is the case. Same goes with cats that have suddenly turned fearful or show excessive anxiety. A vet may prescribe anxiety medication to calm your pet depending on the severity of the anxiety levels.

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