City Kitties - Philly's Source for Feline Liberty

City Kitties - Philly's Source for Feline Liberty

Many people love bringing pets into their homes to brighten their days and enjoy some animal companionship. However, unforeseen circumstances can lead to cats and dogs being left to fend for themselves on the streets as homeless strays.Abandoned and neglected felines in West Philadelphia benefit from the charitable services of

City Kitties

, an organization dedicated to rescuing misplaced cats of all ages.

city-kitties-blogWho they are

This animal welfare foundation was founded in 2005 by Louisa Alexander and Lori Horwedel when they decided to contribute to the mission of finding homes for stray cats. From the beginning, their dedication was strong as they forged partnerships with local volunteer foster homes and a rescue-friendly veterinarian who was willing to offer services for free.From its inception, City Kitties aimed to prevent the unnecessary suffering among West Philadelphia's helpless stray cats and kittens. Coupled with the charity of welcoming foster homes, the nonprofit organization is able to place felines with families who are either willing to house them temporarily or take them in permanently.The no-kill cat rescue foundation is dedicated to saving and improving the lives of misplaced felines in the West Philadelphia area. City Kitties takes homeless kittens off the streets and provides them with proper and much-needed veterinary care. The connections with foster homes and families helps put the rehabilitated cats into permanent houses where they're loved for years to come.

What they do

Because City Kitties is run entirely by the charitable efforts of dedicated volunteers, they rely on donations from the community to continue their rescue missions. The Huffington Post reported last year that a

young boy from Philadelphia was so thankful for the organization

that he continued to contribute to its cause.After adopting his cat, Macha, 10-year-old Evan wanted to help other strays and began donating his allowance money to City Kitties along with handwritten notes. His initial offering was totaled at $46.75 following months of saving, but once his message went viral on the organization's Facebook page, other users added their own funds to Evan's donation. Since then, he has continued to forward his allowance to City Kitties, with his parents matching the totals.Each year, cats in West Philadelphia are given another chance thanks to the efforts of City Kitties. Their charitable work never ends and will continue as long as homes are open to misplaced kittens.

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