Celebrating National Mutt's Day with PetCareRx!



If you have ever adopted a

mixed breed dog, you know that these one-of-a-kind pooches make for some of the most loving and loyal companions. That's why the American Veterinary Association (AVMA)

has named today, July 31st, Mutt's Day! Mutt's Day celebrates these lovable pets and spreads awareness of the fact that 75% of dogs in animals shelters are mixed breeds. These unique dogs need love too!Not only are mutts just as worthy as their purebred counterparts, but they are also known to be incredibly healthy, hearty pets, and areย less susceptible to genetic diseases like

hip dysplasia, cancer

, and

allergies.Do you have a mixed breed dog? Share their story in the comments below, and be sure to upload a photo of them to our Facebook Page


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