Causes of dog behaving badly

Causes of dog behaving badly

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Most dogs are loving and happy creatures. Some dogs behave badly. It has been observed that a dog owner who has a well-behaved dog will always enjoy canines which are a joy to own. The converse is also true. Owners having badly behaved dogs tend always to have the same kind of surly animals. There is a distinct pattern. It is the responsibility of the owner to bring up a well-behaved dog.

This is not to say that everything is the fault of the owner. A few dogs are genetically predisposed to behave badly. Animal personalities, like their human counterparts, are influenced by genetics. If the parents of a puppy are obedient and calm dogs, then the puppy will be too. This is why you should meet the parents of the puppy before you adopt one.

Social skills are developed in the puppy stage

It is seen that a puppy with poor social skills grows up into badly behaved dogs in adulthood. All puppies have a golden malleable period, from about three weeks to about three months' age. They are primed to make relationships during this time with people and also other animals. It is at this time that puppies learn that a few particular experiences, sights, and sounds pose no threat. The animals also learn over the same period on how to interact with others, utilizing vocalization and body language. Puppies well-socialized during this time will in all probability develop into confident and calm adult animals.

In contrast, the puppies who suffer from a lack of adequate socialization during this period are in all probability likely to grow up to be adults fearful of not only humans but also other dogs. They react horribly to several sounds, environments, and objects. Such fear leads to aggression and has severe consequences for all humans around them. The dogs are in danger themselves. It is essential that you choose a well-socialized puppy. Only if you do so, you will get a well-behaved adult canine.

Train your dog well  An inadequately trained dog could engage in bad behavior. There is a fallacy in human thinking that dogs which behave well instinctively does so. This is not the case. Dogs cannot differentiate between good behavior and bad behavior. The canines must be trained in the way their owners wanted them to behave. This takes commitment, time, and patience. An owner should spend about 15 minutes per day training the dog. This could be either done at one shot or three sessions of five minutes each scattered through the day. The training should take place every day and continue for weeks and months altogether. You can combine this activity with walking the dog or any other activity-but it must be done.

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