Cat Slow Blink

Cat Slow Blink

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Cat owners know their kitties use both verbal and non-verbal communications to tell us something. The communications became more direct when they demand something. One communication strategy, however, is subtle. It is the slow blink. This behavior is one which no cat owner wants to miss. To understand what the cat blink mean, it is a must to know feline behavior.

Difference between slow blink and normal blink

Cats blink with the purpose of spreading tears over their eye surface to remove dirt. The action is fast and not like the slow blink. The slow blink is one action where the cat looks at the owner and intentionally slowly closes its eyes and opens it again. Only a comfortable cat would give a slow blink. This happens when the cat is relaxed and not even remotely worried. Pupils remain normal during the blink and not dilate during the time they are anxious.

Cats are not only predators but prey as well. It means they conceal their pain and stress. Felines are experts when it comes to subtle body language. The slow blink of any cat reveals the animal is content and thus not hesitant to show its true feelings. Animal behaviorists term the slow blink as a "Love you blink." Your kitty trusts you so much that it is making itself vulnerable to you. Your cat meets its best cat friend with a slow blink too. You can think about it as a kind of cat kiss.

How to make your cat give you a slow blink

All cat owners will love if their kitty slow blinks at them. They pick their kitties up and stare at their large saucy eyes to convey their love towards the animal. If you are one of those owners, then do not do so. To a cat, any animal staring directly at their eyes is to be considered an adversary- including the one who gives them food. Staring into your cat's eyes is a serious breach of feline etiquette.

To get your cat to make a slow blink at you, allow it to come towards you. You must be relaxed yourself as your cat picks up cues from you. It is important to be peaceful and completely relaxed. Look towards your kitty and give it a slow blink. It will give a slow blink in return. In case your cat is not sociable, engage in play therapy to make it more confident.

You could use this slow blink method to make any cat feel better. This is important if you adopt a cat which suddenly has no one due to its owner's death. Bring the kitty to your home and let it do whatever it wants for the first few days. It will be a scared kitty during that time. When it is confident enough, it will come towards you. Give it a slow blink, If it gives back a slow blink, it means you are successful in gaining the kitty's trust.

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