Cat Rescued from Sunken Boat Lives to Tell the Tale

Cat Rescued from Sunken Boat Lives to Tell the Tale

A cat, now aptly named โ€˜Lucky,โ€™ was rescued after a sunken powerboat was raised out of Lake Havasu and brought to shore.

Trapped inside the underwater vessel for at least an hour

, herย survival wasย nothing short of a miracle.Jon Zucalla, the owner of Dive Time Recovery and the man responsible for pulling the boat out of the lake, thought he was doing just another routine boat recovery. The boat had sunk to the bottom of the lake, so Jon and his team leapt into action, hoisting it out of the water and taking it to a local mechanic for repairs.It wasnโ€™t until the next morning when the mechanic went to flush out the engine that the cat was discovered. โ€œThe cat just darted out when he opened the hatch,โ€ Zucalla told reporters. โ€œShe was wet, scared, thirsty, but she was alive.โ€Exactly how the cat came to be trapped inside the sunken boat remains a mystery. When asked, the boatโ€™s owner stated that he does not own a cat and has no clue how one would have wound up on his boat. The fact that the cat made it all the way inside the shipโ€™s front storage compartment is even more perplexing.Zucalla also said that nobody heard a peep from the trapped cat the entire time the boat was being recovered. This, however, is one of the more predictable facets of the story. Cats are prone to

hiding during times of duress

, and what situation could possibly be more stressful than being trapped in a boat on the bottom of a lake, only to then be pulled back onto land by a lot of loud machines and strange people? The strange behavior would be if the cat was ready to snuggle right after this experience.Once the cat was freed from the boatโ€™s storage, she was taken over to the

Western Arizona Humane Society

. There the cat was given time to recuperate from her traumatic experience and socialize with other cats. Executive director of the Humane Society, Patty Gilmore, reported that the cat was being a little stand-offish, but that is to be expected.Gilmore also stated that, if Lucky is not claimed by the owner by today (Thursday, July 30th), there are people out there with open arms waiting to

give this little survivor a home



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