Cat Hormone Replacement Therapy

Cat Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Hormone replacement therapy in cats involves the action of replenishing the hormone levels of the body with a synthetic substitute. The quantity of hormone in the body goes down over time. It may be completely absent due to the effects of surgery or illness. A hormonal shortage can also happen due to genetic predisposition. The hormones are potent chemicals which initiate and influence significant changes in the body of a cat. When a cell contacts a hormone, many vital reactions happen within that particular tissue. The hormones of the cat regulate the animal's cognitive function, sexual development, body temperature, and thirst among many others. It also influences cell development and growth. The absence of one or multiple endocrine hormones will affect the growth of your cat. It also determines voluntary muscle contraction and reproductive abilities.

Examination and dosage preparation

Before you begin any treatment plan involving hormonal replacement, the feline will have to undergo an evaluation game needing hormones. This requires a standard sample of blood for laboratory analysis. The hormone test will inform the veterinarian as to which hormone needs to be topped up and the correct amount needed for the cat to conduct daily functions required by its body. Do note that hormonal replacement therapy is a procedure generally done by the owner as the process must be administered every day. A fresh batch of hormones must be injected within the body. Majority of the hormone replacements are injectables. There is a specific process for doing so. It is a standard procedure.

You must first prepare the dose. To do this, wash your hands thoroughly and read the bottle instructions. Some manufacturers insist you shake the bottle before use. Remove the attached cap from the needle approved by your veterinarian. Insert syringe into the bottle top and turn bottle. Keep the syringe inserted to the top. Use the little finger or your other hand to pull the plunger back to correct prescribed dosage. The needle must not be removed until all the air bubbles go away. There exists a method to remove the air bubbles: hold upright the syringe and gently tap sides until bubbles float to the top. Use the plunger to push the bubbles out and then draw a greater quantity of medication to get the right dosage.

Injection process Ask someone to hold the cat while you get ready to inject the new hormone. Hold the syringe in your stronger hand and pinch and pull a skin fold upward with your other hand. The nap of the neck is the most preferred position. Insert needle into the fold and push in the plunger. Pull the needle out and dispose of it. Once the hormones get replenished, the cat will regain its bodily function.

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