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There is definitely a problem when a cat drags its back legs. A normal, healthy cat walks straight and with an easy gait. A sudden dragging of its legs means you should take your cat to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

A number of reasons could be the cause of a cat dragging its back legs. A few are obvious like being maimed in an accident. The activity of back legs being dragged may have a serious consequence of thromboembolism and diabetes in a cat. Do not be afraid if your cat suddenly begins to drag its back legs. A majority of the causes are fully treatable.

Injury or trauma

This happens mostly when the cat goes outside after being bored indoors. The external environment has many dangers which can seriously maim your kitty. Most accidents occur when the cat is simply walking on the street. A car may hit it or a pack of dogs can attack your car. The latter is found to occur when the cat mistakenly wanders into a place dominated by dogs.

Cats may suffer trauma while being indoors as well. Many people unknowingly sit on a kitten while it relaxes on the sofa. Children may, without their knowledge, harm the cat. All of these may cause your kitty some amounts of trauma in different parts of its body. Its hind legs could be injured, and in some extreme cases, the spine could be traumatized. A traumatized cat could suffer from difficulty moving its hind legs. The nerves impulse that takes part in the movement process could not flow in a proper manner. Trauma is a fairly common reason among cats dragging its back legs. The veterinarian will perform both x-ray and physical examination to treat your dog.

Diabetic cat

Another good reason for your cat dragging its hind legs could be feline diabetes. Although it is a rare condition but serious. The occurrence of diabetes in cats results in weak bag legs, thus limiting its movement. The cause of feline diabetes could of the failure of the pancreas to generate insulin in sufficient quantities. The latter is extremely helpful when it comes to regulating the sugar amount in the cat's body. The result is an excessive accumulation of sugar in the bloodstream.

A number of signs will appear in the cat which will indicate that the cat suffers from diabetes mellitus. The list of signs includes excess consumption of water, frequent urination, and increased appetite. The cat also becomes thinner within a distressingly short time period. Feline Aortic Thromboembolism or FATE is also a notable cause of a cat dragging its feet. This condition involves the production of blood clots within the blood vessels.

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