Cancer Sniffing Dogs and Ninja Cats? 5 Pet Stories You Missed This Week


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1. No More Outside Cats in Edmonds, WA


In a 6-1 vote, Edmonds City Council has banned the practice of letting cats โ€œfree roam.โ€ Basing their decision on the impact outdoor cats have on local wildlife (an estimated total of 500 million bird deaths caused by cats every year), and dangers to themselves (getting sick or hit by a car), cats in Edmonds City are now on permanent house arrest.

2. Truffle Hunting -- Less โ€˜Oink,โ€™ More โ€˜Bark!โ€™


While pigs have been the standard for truffle hunting, dogs have recently gained popularity ย because they are quicker, are less likely to eat the prized mushroom (worth upwards of $2000 a pound), and draw less attention than a pig on a leash, since the location of these mushroom gold mines are so valuable and secretive. Tha--tha--tha--tha--thatโ€™s all, Porky!

3. ย Dogs Could Be Trained To Sniff Out Cancer


Researchers this week may have stumbled upon a way to detect ovarian cancer earlier that has been right under our noses the whole time (or rather, their noses). The extra-sensitive olfactory sense of dogs has been used to track down everything from ducks to high explosives to narcotics, and scientists at the Montell Chemical Senses Center are looking into exactly how their super sniffer works. Growing increasingly close to harnessing that power, modern science is on the cusp of developing a way to artificially 'sniff out' the chemical fingerprints of ovarian cancer that are present during the early stages, but are yet unable to be detected.

4. Ninja Cat v. Samurai Dog


Finally! The most epic battle in the history of domesticated animals is about to unfold. And not only do you get to pick which side you are going to play as (cats or dogs), but you get a free, ancient fighting style thrown in for free! Ninja cats v. Samurai Dogs! Where do I sign? Look for it in the app store of your iOS or Android device.

5. ย Dog Food So Good, Sheโ€™ll Eat it Herself


Lucy Postins, CEO of The Honest Kitchen, was the first pet food manufacturer to get a โ€˜human gradeโ€™ rating from the FDA, and is proving it by eating the final product! Including high end ingredients in her dog food, like free range chicken, sweet potatoes, fresh eggs, bananas, farm-raised beef, and dandelion greens, Postins doesnโ€™t need a triple-dog-dare to down her own dog food.

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