Can Cats Protect Humans?

Can Cats Protect Humans?

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Cats do protect humans. There are a number of instances when a cat has saved its owner from certain death. One cat licked her owner awake when she was unconscious from carbon monoxide poisoning. Cats are extremely protective of people they stay with and there are numerous instances when a cat has warned its owner of a stranger lurking around the house. In many instances, a cat does the job of a watchdog much better than a canine could.

Cats predict the weather

Cats literally have a different worldview compared to humans. They can sense the earth's electromagnetic field. It helps the felines to track earthquakes, storms, and tornadoes. Felines could accurately predict normal weather too. Cat owners have repeatedly observed their furry balls hiding behind furniture much before a thunderstorm struck the area. Some owners are now so attuned to their cat habits that they automatically close their windows when they see their cat cowering underneath the bed. Cats also have a much better sense of hearing than humans and they warn their owners of someone coming their way. When in times of barometric fluctuation, cats zoom around like toy race cars.

Protecting from snakes

If two mortal enemies exist, then those two are snakes and cats. This animosity is observed from time immemorial. The ancient Egyptians kept cats to protect their grains not only from rodents but also snakes. Cats were so effective that they were given God status in Egyptian lore. When it comes to the real world, a cat can easily overpower small snakes like garters but would have a tougher time with the bigger poisonous ones.

Saving human lives

Cats are found to wrap themselves among babies so that they can keep warm during cold winters. Ambulance workers are known to find cats consoling babies of poor parents who cannot afford to buy expensive clothes to keep their toddler warm. The cat sits snugly with the baby so that the toddler feels less cold.

Cats fight dogs if the latter attacks its owner. It has been repeatedly observed that cats harbor protective instincts about other animals, including humans if they like them. Cats know exactly what to do if their owners get attacked. Felines also know when their owner gets sick. There are instances when a cat nudged its diabetic owner into wakefulness so that the owner can phone a doctor or the healthcare service provider. Cats are somehow good at detecting lung cancer. A cat was found to rub its paw against its owner's left side. The owner checked with the doctor and discovered that he had lung cancer. If the cat had not done its rubbing, the disease would have gone undetected.

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