Can A Cat Wear Diapers?

Can A Cat Wear Diapers?

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Senior cats are unable to reach the litter box when nature calls. This situation requires diapers. As a cat owner, you must understand when to diaper your kitty. The process must be tolerable not only for your cat but also for you.

Other than senior cats, diapers are needed for sick cats who are recovering from a surgery. If the cat is extremely weak, confine it to small areas like bathrooms. If you own a cat suffering from impairments, then the diapers provide cats the freedom to walk around the place sans any property risk. Your furniture and flooring will remain cat urine or feces-free. A number of medical problems could result in cats having difficulty utilizing the litter box.

Consider buying your kitty a diaper if it has mobility issues due to arthritis, bowel incontinence, diabetes, blindness, dementia, or disabilities like neurological disorders or paralysis. A few healthy cats are also diapered if they excessively mark or spray. This should be the last resort if other measures of behavior modification have been proved ineffective.

Similar to diapers for babies, the cat diapers are also sold in multiple styles. A few are washable while others can be disposed of. A majority of diapers can be worn by both cats and dogs. They are available in multiple sizes.

Washable diapers

These kinds of diapers can be washed by machines and thus can be reused. If you love the environment, then these kind of cat diapers are ideal. The washable styles need disposable pads which are inserted into diaper lining. Although this category of diapers is initially more expensive compared to disposables, they make for much better values in the longer term.

Disposable diapers

These diapers come with absorbent padding built into diapers. There is no requirement for any extra pad.

Modifying human baby diapers

You can buy baby diapers and tweak them a little to craft pet diapers. Do keep in mind that a lot of trial and error are involved when it comes to locating the correct size to fit the cat. Modifications must be made to make sure the diaper is a perfect fit. Buy a newborn baby size for an average size cat. Stand cat on all its legs and position diaper flat over the hindquarters. Use a pen to mark that spot where the tail would come out. Once you have marked, cut a small sized hole at the marked spot. Cut smaller st first. You can make the hole bigger when you want it to. Change diapers every few hours. Replace the older with newer of the diaper is saturated with urine. To clean easily, shave the area of the cat which will cover the diaper.

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