Bringing Up a Husky in Warm Weather: Tips

Bringing Up a Husky in Warm Weather: Tips

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The Siberian Husky is a breed of dog that was bred by the Chukchi people in Siberia. These dogs were the perfect companions to the Chukchi people, pulling their sleds across miles in sub-zero weather conditions. In fact, theyโ€™re still used as sled dogs to this day.

Now, anybody with an ounce of dog knowledge knows that huskies arenโ€™t meant to live in hot weather. Ideally, they shouldnโ€™t ever be living in such conditions. However, some of us love huskies way too much to not have them as pets and weโ€™re probably going to have to bring them up in a hot or tropical climate.

At first, it may seem inhumane to bring up a husky in such an environment. However, the good news is that huskies are pretty tough and under the right conditions, itโ€™s not hard to bring them up in a region with warmer weather.

Here are a few tips for those considering bringing a husky home.

Do Not Get Rid of the Coat
Thereโ€™s a misconception among some people that huskies find warm weather more tolerable once their coat is shaved off. This is completely wrong. The hairy coat actually insulates their bodies from both, heat and cold.

A husky needs the coat in order to regulate its own body temperature. Removing the coat will only expose the dogโ€™s skin to the heat and thatโ€™s when the troubles start. So, donโ€™t get rid of the coat. In fact, make sure you maintain it by brushing it as often as possible.
This will clear out all the stray and dead hairs, keeping the coat healthy.

Exercise Away from the Sun
Huskies are an active bunch and they definitely need a lot of exercise. However, exercising under a hot sun isnโ€™t good for them. So, make sure you have an exercise schedule thatโ€™s tuned to this requirement. Ideally, you should take them out for walks early in the morning or after sunset.

Also, try to regulate the intensity of the exercise, especially for puppies. Rather than one long walk, try to give two short walks a day.

Keep Her/Him Cool
Never leave your husky out in hot weather. They need to be indoors, preferably in an air-conditioned environment. Also, make sure they stay hydrated. Give them cold water straight from the fridge or drop a large chunk of ice and let it melt throughout the day. This will ensure that thereโ€™s a continued supply of cold water. You can also freeze some of the dogโ€™s treats.

Watch Out for Signs of Dehydration and Overheating
Make sure you know what the symptoms for overheating and dehydration are. Symptoms of dehydration include sunken eyes, poor skin elasticity, dry gums, and dry nose. As for signs of overheating, look for excessive panting, noisy breathing, disorientation, collapse, discolored gums, and convulsions.
If you notice these signs, head to the vet ASAP.

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