BREAKING NEWS: Dogs Can Talk Thanks to Newly Developed Collar!



Man's best friend is about to get even better.Earlier today, scientists from Dutch engineering firm Sloof-Lirpa Innovations tested an experimental

new collar

that could give your dog the gift of speech. Now, while this technology is still in the early development stages, scientists from SLI are quite confident that the finished product will be ready to hit shelves by early 2015.For pet parents or pet care specialists, this is groundbreaking news. Here are just a few of the implications of SLIโ€™s canine translator, known as โ€œProject Scooby.โ€Leading to quicker and more accurate diagnoses,ย 


will now be able to actually ask their patients what is bothering them. Also, pet parents will be better able to meet their dogโ€™s needs, now knowing exactly how they feel.Beyond basic communication, we also stand to gain a much deeper insight into

canine psychology. What do they think when we leave them at home for the day? Do they have any idea where we go? Are they even aware that they are a different species than us? These are just some of the questions we will be able to get an answer to thanks to Project Scooby.As it stands, the collar only works in English, Dutch, German, French, and Spanish, but SLI promises that by 2016 nearly every language on Earth will be available for download into your dogโ€™s collar. So, next time you need to order Chinese, just put Fido on the phone!To see some footage of the collar in testing, check out the video below.

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