Brave Bulldog Puppy Missing Hind Quarters

Brave Bulldog Puppy Missing Hind Quarters

If you took a quick look at little Bonsai, he would appear to be a regular Bulldog puppy, except he always appears to be sitting down.It wouldnโ€™t take long, however, before you noticed that he is not sitting, but rather that halfway downย his back,

everything is missing



As you can see in the picture, Bonsai is an adorable puppy, but just from the waist up. Bonsai was born with a bottom half, but it was removed because his spinal column didnโ€™t reach that far down, thus rendering his legs, tail, and everything below his stomach unusable.And if the malformed spinal column wasnโ€™t enough, Bonsai was also

born with Swimmerโ€™s Syndrome

- a condition that causes his front legs to splay out , making mobility even moreย of a challenge -ย 

on top on not having back legs

.But does any of this effect Bonsaiโ€™s temperament? See for yourself!

Bonsai ~ Half a Bulldog, Twice the Love

This video was taken before Bonsai went in for surgery. In it you can see the extent to which his hind quarters are underdeveloped.Even thoughย the surgical procedure is finished, Bonsai still has a tough road ahead of him, with years of physical therapy and training to look forward to. But that wonโ€™t keep him from having the same upbeat personality. And, thanks to the wonderful people at

Friends of Emma

, Bonsai is sure to receive some top-notch care.

Bonsai going for a swim!

To lend your support to Bonsai and all the people caring for him, please visit his


page and make a donation.



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