Blind and Deaf Dog Trapped in a Sinkhole, Rescued After 7 Hours



Image from WHAG-TV

On what was supposed to be just a routine walk on a lazy Sunday afternoon, 14-year old Samantha, the blind and deaf Lhasa Apso, ended up experiencing a terror unlike any other -- she was dragged underneath the ground when an 8 foot deep sinkhole suddenly appeared and swallowed her up.

โ€œI screamed, โ€˜Help! Help!' and some neighbors came out to help me but we could not get her out, so of course we had to call emergency,โ€ said Susanne Geary about what happened that fateful afternoon.

When help finally arrived, the full extent of Samantha's situation finally sunk in -- the cold weather and lack of light left the poor dog at risk for hypothermia. Also, the L-shaped nature of the hole in which she fell (along with her blindness and deafness) made retrieving the poor dog nearly impossible. Cold, scared, and alone, Samantha quickly became the cause for much concern.

The Rescue

Image from WHAG-TV

In a rescue attempt that required members from several fire squads, animal control, technical rescue, and public works, after seven hours of digging, siphoning air into the hole, and carefully lowering food and water down to the scared pup, Samatha was finally freed from her earthen prison and sent to a veterinary clinic for x-rays.

Thankfully, no permanent damage was suffered. โ€œSheโ€™s alive and well and ready to go,โ€ reports Geary, who is eternally grateful to the 25 or so public workers who toiled to save her baby from the sinkhole.

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