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If you like your dog to be well-groomed, then you will seriously search for a better cologne for your animal. Like humans, dogs too emit unpleasant odor over a period of time due to contact with dirty surfaces and sweat. The ideal dog fragrance would be one which would give a pleasant smell but not results in any health concern for the animal in the longer term. A number of dog cologne meeting such requirements are available in the market.

Wahl Doggie Deodorant

It is a 100 percent natural perfume spray ideal for dogs having sensitive skin and those canines who suffer from various skin related issues. The dog will feel better after its application. The eucalyptus and peppermint oils included in this deodorant makes the product ideal for the alleviation of many skin issues like infections, itching, and dryness, along with any other kind of surface issue.

Top-Performance Fursions Dog Spray

This is a premier dog perfume. It has one of the most opulent and luxurious scent formulas in the industry. The cologne is stylish and classy and will give your canine a sophisticated overall look. It is a pure organic perfume and has no adulterants. The list of ingredients includes fragrance and alcohol other than water. The formulate comes in three smells-males, unisex and the channel smell exclusively for females.

Gold Medal Unicoat Spray

This multi-functional pet spray will ensure your dog feels healthy and looks it too. It revitalizes and cleans the skin of your dog, making sure that the skin continues to be germ-free and clean. The dog's coat is also conditioned and maintains the luster and shine. Rough patches on the skin of the dog and tangles are also eliminated.

Perfect Coat Freshening Dog Spray

This product smells similar to baby powder and functions most effectively in-between baths. The dog, after its bath, will enjoy a soft and shiny coat, along with a soothing smell. This spray also nourishes the skin of the dog and detangles the rough spots. The product smoothens it. This product contains no alcohol and the perfume remains for a longer period post-application, a desirable quality in such products,

Isle of Dogs Coature No. 62

This is an all-natural product formulated to go easy on the skin of the dog. Buy it if you want a natural solution to all your dog's skin issues. The concoction is made from the oil of the evening primrose, that ensures the coat of the dog remains attractive and lush. The application of the oil is a soothing one. This spray includes the Maldives Villa fragrance which eliminates all bad odors and keeps the canine smelling good every time.

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