Beginners Tricks For a Dogโ€™s New Owner

Beginners Tricks For a Dogโ€™s New Owner

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We all love to see a wagging tail at the end of a dayโ€™s work. A dog can change your life for good. Bringing this new member into the family will require certain measures on your part. So before you call for celebrations let us go through a guide which will help you through this momentous occasion in your life.Before selecting your canine companion itโ€™s good to have a thorough knowledge of the dogโ€™s routines and habits. While selecting a breed you can consult your own friends and family who have dogs at home. If you have kids at home make sure that the dog is kid-friendly.After the initial research and before you bring the dog to your home make sure that you have the necessary pet supplies. These include the following items:-

  1. Leash
  2. Collar
  3. Identification tag
  4. Quality dog food
  5. Toys
  6. Bedding
  7. Food and water bowls
  8. Disposable waste bags for the dog.

When you bring a puppy home, itโ€™s the same as bringing in a small child. You will surely need to puppy proof your home. Puppies love to explore and chew anything they find, so keep the little guy off elevated balconies, decks etc. Also make sure that items like detergent powders, medicines, chemicals are placed on high racks.A regular visit to the vet needs to be scheduled into your calendar. A puppy needs vaccinations between 6-16 weeks. A yearly check-up is also required. You can consult your vet with regards to when you need to neuter or spay the dog. The most critical period is the first few months so you should have a clear understanding of the diseases it may get during this time.A dog needs its food and it better be good. A puppy needs more calories compared to an adult dog. While checking the information on the covers of dog food you have to ensure that it provides a balance between protein and fat. You can set the feeding schedule and amount according to the information provided. You also have to forgo the temptation of feeding the puppy scraps, bones or leftovers from the table in between meals.A big part of maintaining order in your home after the arrival of the puppy is to spend quality time with it. Give it time to adjust to the new surroundings but at the same time make it aware that you are the master. You should teach the puppy to recognize your commands by using a firm voice. You can condition the puppy by giving it a treat when it obeys. Patience is the key here, some puppies may take longer to get house trained but this should not deter you from the task.With these basic steps, you are on your way to having a canine friend for life. Just make sure that its wagging tail is always met with your smile.Fb post- The doโ€™s and donโ€™ts of getting a new dog.

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