Alternatives to The Elizabethan Collar

Alternatives to The Elizabethan Collar

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If you are worried about your dog constantly licking his wounds then you are probably considering to make him wear an


(Elizabethan collar). However, far from enabling you to heave a sigh of relief, these collars seem to pose problems of their own! Being very wide, things are definitely getting knocked down as your dog goes about his routine dog-business around your house. As it is stiff, scratches on the smooth surfaces it rubs against is another menace to deal with. Added to this is your dog's discomfort, zeroed peripheral vision, and inability to pass through pet-doors. Check out the following options to use instead of the traditional E-collar:

  1. Bite-Not collar:This collar does not span out as a funnel. Instead, it is shaped as a large band around the neck. It is attached to a leash so that it also acts as a regular collar. Though this collar prevents the dog from moving its head to the wounds closest to its neck and shoulders, it may not help in case the wounds are on the extremities.
  2. The ProCollar Premium Protective Collar:This is similar to the neck pillow you use when you are traveling. As a deflatable collar which enables some amount of mobility, this collar is not advisable in case your dog is too active or has injuries on his extremities.
  3. Kong EZ soft collar:This is very much similar to the traditional E-Collar and prevents the dog from reaching his wounds. However, as it is made from material which is easily flexible, it is very comfortable for your dog.
  4. Comfy Collar:This is almost the same as a Kong EZ soft collar, but with a cushioned interior. This provides much more comfort to the neck and head of your pooch. The Comfy Collar and Kong EZ are both suitable in case of wounds on the extremities.
  5. The Boobooloon:This is an inflatable alternative. Just like the ProCollar Premium, it resembles a neck pillow. It has the same drawbacks as the ProCollar, though it is very convenient and lightweight. This is advised only for animals that are less active and/or have well trimmed and blunted nails as it can easily be popped.
  6. Optivisor or Novaguard:When the injuries are on the face and head and you do not want your dog to keep scratching at it, the Optivisor or Novoguard should be your choice. This is a transparent plastic cover that armors your dog's head and face. The ears are left free and the transparency of the plastic enables the dog to see. As such, the dogs sense organs are not inhibited. Though it seems to be a little uncomfortable, it is the best choice in certain types of injuries.
  7. TCOA Soft E-Fabric collar:This is the traditional E-Collar made with soft and lightweight fabric. As such it is very flexible and comfortable to the injured soldier. However, it cannot completely prevent the dog from reaching out to its wounds due to its extremely flexible nature.Each alternative is suitable for a different type of wound on a different area. Consult the vet as to the best option to choose depending on the kind of wound your best-buddy is suffering from.
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