Allan The Dog Wants To Give You Free PetPlus for Life

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Allan The Dog Wants To Give You Free PetPlus for Life
Hi! My name is Allan and I am a PetPlus Pup. What does that mean? Well, if you adopt me, you never have to worry about spending too much on my flea and tick, heartworm, prescription meds, or anything else because I come with a free lifetime of PetPlus! Pretty sweet, huh?Here’s a little bit about me - I am an adorable pit bull mix that is somewhere between one and two years old. I live at the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)  (hopefully not for much longer) and I love to play!  You want to go for a jog? I can keep up! Taking a hike? I’m all about a romp in the woods! Fetch? That is my middle name. I am a go-anywhere-do-anything kind of dog.
"I just want to run around and play fetch."
To be fair, I don’t always get along with other dogs - boy dogs especially. I’m fine with lady dogs that are my same size, and I could likely learn to live with one, but in my dream home I would be the only pooch around. I just don’t want to have to share your love! So if you are an active family with a few older kids and no dog, I am your perfect pup. And if you adopt me, remember that you not only get such a gorgeous dog to call your best friend, but also a free lifetime of PetPlus and all the savings that come with it. You won’t find a better deal anywhere else. But act now, while supplies last!  Cause there’s only one ‘supply’, actually. Me. Allan. There’s only one Allan, and it’s me. I'm the 'supply.'If you want to meet the one and only Allan, I’ll be waiting at PAWS' Adoption Center at 100 N. 2nd Street, Philadelphia PA 19106To find out when you can come and pay me a visit, email [email protected], call 215-238-9901, or visit
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