All You Need To Know About Petting A Beauceron


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If youโ€™re a fan of sheepdogs, youโ€™ll adore the French Beauceron. Itโ€™s the largest sheepdog breed found in the European region. Through virtually an unknown breed outside of France, the Beauceron has a rich history in the countryโ€™s past. Once used to shepherd the herd, Beaucerons are now used to guard houses and protect their families. These dogs are loved for their incredible intelligence and obedience. Itโ€™s these characteristics of the Beauceron that makes it so well-suited for search and rescue operations and handicap assistance. So, what do you need to know when petting a Beauceron? Here goes.

  1. Beaucerons have no concept of personal space
    If youโ€™re in a room with a Beauceron, know that he or she wants to stick as close as possible to you. It doesnโ€™t matter if youโ€™re working with a laptop or are cooped up on a couch, a Beauceron will wholeheartedly join you in the activity. Even a trip to the bathroom could mean a group activity for the Beauceron as it loves to follow its owner around doing mundane daily activities.
  2. Beaucerons love pretending to be lap dogs
    Beaucerons can grow very large. Some of them grow up to weigh as much as 90 to 150 pounds. Regardless of what they weigh, Beaucerons will unwittingly and less than consciously move over to you and sit on your lap. If youโ€™re incapable of handling large weights, donโ€™t make yourself look too comfortable when seated close to a Beauceron.
  3. Beaucerons love long walks and moving around
    Owing to their sheepdog ancestry, Beaucerons are naturally very active animals, with frequently occurring urges to move around and exhaust their energies. This means that as an owner or keeper of a Beauceron, you are automatically expected to include daily walks and exercises in their routines. If you want to have a spot of fun, you could even initiate a game of catch. But be aware that Beaucerons can get caught up in the moment and take the fun a little too far.
  4. Beaucerons are plenty playful and naughty
    Missing slippers? Make sure you check with your Beauceron. If youโ€™re staying with a relative who has a Beauceron at home for a short while, ensure that you keep your shiny objects and anything that even looks remotely interesting locked away. Beaucerons are extremely intelligent animals capable of playing pranks on the people around them. Also, make sure you donโ€™t leave paper products, sponges, or anything that can be wrecked unsupervised around a bored Beauceron. That could be the last time that you see it!

Thatโ€™s about everything you need to know about petting a Beauceron! Know that theyโ€™re loving, energetic, intelligent, and cheesy animals that are capable of so much loyalty that your heart will melt from it. But donโ€™t forget about their naughty and cunning character traits! Or youโ€™ll end up having an incredibly entertaining (but also exhausting) time.

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