A Guide to Dog Crates and Carriers Cat and Dog Crates Simplified

A Guide to Dog Crates and Carriers

If you are concerned with putting your pet inside of a crate or carrier for any amount of time then this article from PetCareRx will help put your mind at ease. Figure out the best dog crate or cat carrier for your pet and learn about the proper ways to get them comfortable inside of it.

There is nothing as inspiring or exciting as watching your energetic pet run around and play, or simply wander the house and get comfortable, but there are times when you have to confine your pet for their own safety. Whether you are traveling with Mr. Mittens or just have a feeling that Rover won’t be able to handle the excitement of so many new people coming over, you need to have the right gear to keep your loving friends right where you want them.

Having the right crate for your dog or cat ensures that they will stay in a safe place when you need them to that doesn’t sacrifice their comfort. A carrier means that you can transport your pet efficiently on the go without too much undue stress. Setting up either situation can take time and as much attention to detail as if you were moving into a new home yourself. Remember, comfortable floors, enough room to move around and stretch, enough natural light and the ability to accessorize for food, water and easy waste clean-up.  Locking your pet up, even for a few minutes, is less than ideal, but when it is necessary do it the right way with PetCareRx at your side.


Pick a spot in your home where you can set up a crate that is spacious enough for your pet to have ample room for turning and stretching. Somewhere with good natural light and a comfortable temperature.

Sof-Krate 2 - Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home

  • Give your pet a cool, comfortable place to hang out with this functional and stylish crate
  • Lightweight construction makes the Sof-Krates N Series easy to transport, and you won’t be messing around with any stubborn latches or hooks since it sets up and folds flat in seconds
  • The extra-strong steel frame, metal zippers, and tough water-resistant bottom are built to last, and the sides made of heavy-duty mesh maintain a well-ventilated environment that will keep your pet cool in the warmer months

DreamCrate Professional Series Dog Crate

  • Safe for dogs or cats - All rounded corners for safety
  • Durable, slide out pan liner for easy cleaning
  • Strong wire gauge to prevent chewing, digging and other crafty escapes


Your carrier should be as comfortable in your arms as it is for your pet to lay down in. Make sure it has sufficient openings for light and air to circulate freely.

Marchioro Clipper Cayman Pet Carrier

  • Durable construction that’s built to last
  • Extra safe with spring-latch door, side latches, and security pins
  • Meets airline standards

Noz2Noz Pet Suite

  • Durable heavy-duty plastic and steel
  • Well-ventilated for comfort
  • Recessed trough keeps your pet dry

Nyla Cozy Time Carrier

  • This colorful and sturdy plastic crate is excellent for smaller pets
  • Quick assembly and easy to fold down and put away
  • It has a clear top which allows your pet more visibility from inside the crate

Sherpa Original Deluxe Pet Carrier

  • A comfortable, stylish soft bag that is approved for use on major airlines
  • Small and medium sizes fit under most airline seats
  • Washable faux lambskin liner mesh panels for ventilation

Sherpa Sport Wheels

  • A soft case with a hard bottom, the Sherpa Sport Wheels is easy to transport without lifting
  • The rolling design creates a smoother ride for your pet
  • The ergonomic handle system allows you to carry your pet without difficulty

Crate & Carrier Accessories

This gear will help make a crate or carrier a bit more homey for your nervous dog or cat.

TFH Quick and Easy Crate Training

  • Written by an expert, this book contains valuable information on crate training
  • Topics include how to choose the right crate for your pet and making the crate a happy place

PawGanics Healthy Home Savings Bundle

  • A full arsenal of products to clean your home, your pet’s special spaces, and even a shampoo for their coat
  • Because they're from Pawganics, you can feel great knowing that each product is natural, safe and effective for your pet, your home and the entire family
  • Includes: All-Purpose Household Cleaner, Foaming Stain & Odor Remover, Foaming Shampoo, Hydrating Conditioner, Foaming Dish & Bowl Soap and Toy Cleaner and Solid Surface Wipes

Dog Gone Smart Crate Pad Sherpa – Red

  • Dog Gone Smart Technology uses the performance fabric with NanoSpheres and a state-of-the-art bacteriostatic so that it stays clean for longer
  • These fabrics are non-toxic, pet safe and environmentally friendly
  • Extremely resistant to liquids, dirt, and coat oil

Steel Coop Cup W/Hanger 10Oz

  • A stainless steel cup that hooks onto almost any crate or cage
  • A clean, spill-free way to feed dogs or cats inside of the crate
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