A Christmas Thank-You

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Christmas is over, the manicured beauty of unwrapped presents underneath the tree is now more of a Jackson Pollack of gift paper shreds and the the crumbs of some delicious Christmas cookies. It is easy to start the countdown, 364 days until Christmas! But if there is one thing that really should not be forgotten the day after the holidays it is the love we share with our families and friends.For today’s

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we'd like to take a moment to say thanks to our fans, our followers, and our customers.While our website works to serve pet parents by providing a wide selection of the best medicine, food, and gear, our blog is here to inform and engage, and to help you make safe, smart, and loving decisions when it comes to your furry friends.While 


is over 13 years old, the Wet Nose Press is only 3 months old (almost 2 years old in dog years!) and we are striving to get to know you better so we can feature the information you want to have at your fingertips.Check in often; we’re always learning new things and eagerly sharing them here. And don’t forget to leave questions and comments so we can help add a little love to the world.Thanks for following, and Happy After-the-Holidays!

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