A Cat With Six Legs?! See For Yourself - Photos Inside


There are many

different kinds of cats in the world

, each with their own unique set of features.


have flat faces, while a

Cornish Rex

has wavy fur and bat-like ears.

Other breeds

have big, bushy tails, while others, like the


, have nothing but a little nubbin atop their bum.But have you ever heard of a

cat with six legs



Meet Pauly, the six-leggedย felineย of Edmonton Canada. Pauly is believed to be about 7 years old, but was only gained notoriety as ofย this April. Living off the kindness of strangers, Pauly has been looking after himself in large part, and doing so with great success. That is, until residents noticed the furry hexapod struggling to move about. It was then that local residents contacted

Little Cats Lost

, an organization that deals with stray cats in the area.


Once safely taken in off the streets, Pauly was given over to Dr. Tamer Mahmoud, veterinarian at Edmontonโ€™s

Oxford Animal Hospital

. Mahmoud happily took in Pauly, as it was a chance to aide a cat suffering from a condition that many vets never see in their lifetime. โ€œThis case is very rare;

itโ€™s most likely because two kittens were inside the uterus and one kitten absorbed the other one.

Thatโ€™s why this cat has six legs,โ€ said Mahmoun.


And, in Mahmounโ€™s professional opinion, if medical action is not taken soon, Pauly would likely not live much longer. โ€œItโ€™s affecting his quality of life.โ€And, in terms of medical maladies, the vestigial legs are just the beginning - Pauly also suffers from hip dysplasia as well as an ascended testicle.The estimated

cost of all Paulyโ€™s operations is about $2,000

. Sadly, as a stray cat, Pauly does not have that kind of money just lying around; which is why Martie Johnston has set up an

online fundraiser

to collect donations for Paulyโ€™s surgery. If you wish to donate, all the proceeds go to Little Cats Lost in order to help improve Paulyโ€™s quality of life and hopefully help find him his forever home.

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