8 Human Behaviors and Actions that Dogs Absolutely Hate

8 Human Behaviors and Actions that Dogs Absolutely Hate

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We love our canines so much that we canโ€™t even think about doing something they would hate. Canines are so loyal and loving that they wonโ€™t let us know if our behaviors and actions are bothering them. As canines wonโ€™t point out our mistakes, here are eight human behaviors and actions dogs hate.

  1. Hugging

Although some canines love it when we hug them, most of them will take it a sign of dominance and feel trapped. Even though canines tolerate hugs when they get it from the people they trust and love, it doesnโ€™t necessarily mean they like it.

  1. Ignored or left alone

As canines are social creatures, they donโ€™t life being ignored or left alone. While some canines will feel comforted with another canine, most of them yearn for human companionship. Also, separation anxiety can affect canines that are often left alone.

  1. Lack of rules and routines

We may like living a life without rules and routines, but not our four-legged canine companions. Having a routine such as fixed timings for walking, eating, and playing will make canines happier as they know what to expect throughout the day.

  1. Long commands

Itโ€™s quite common for us to talk to our canines as we have strong bonds with them. However, we often forget that canines wonโ€™t understand every single word we say, which is very important when issuing commands. For example, โ€œIf you are a good boy, Iโ€™ll give you a biscuit.โ€ Canines will only pick up on good boy and biscuit and wonder why we arenโ€™t giving them a treat.

  1. No sniffing or exploring on walks

For canines, going on walks is more than just an exercise. It is an opportunity for them to explore their surrounding environment. Canines explore the world mainly through scent than its other senses. Canines hate it when we rush them during their daily walk.

  1. Staring

When we look into the eyes of our canines, it is nothing but a sign of deep love. However, when we stare at them, canines translate it as a threat or a challenge. Although our canines wonโ€™t show their displeasure, we should avoid staring at unfamiliar canines.

  1. Strong fragrances

We all know the noses of canines are more than 10,000 โ€“ 100,000 times sensitive than ours. However, when we use strong chemicals and fragrances on ourselves or in the household, it can irritate and bother the noses of our canines.

  1. Yelling

Although we need to establish control over our canines, it is much better to encourage good behavior than yell at them when they arenโ€™t behaving properly. When we yell at them, they feel scared or anxious and the majority of the time, they wonโ€™t understand what we are trying to convey.These are eight human behaviors and actions that dogs hate. If you have any queries, please feel free to leave a comment below. 

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