8 Dogs Who Have No Clue What is Going On

8 Dogs Who Have No Clue What is Going On

It is not difficult to confuse a dog. A lot of what we consider run-of-the-mill, to a dog, might as well be wizardry. And while a dog may not find their bafflement amusing, to a human bystander, few things in life are more genuinely hilarious.Whether the amusement stems from their look of utter confusion, or the fact that the thing they find so elusive is just a screen door, it might be impossible to say (likely it is a combination of both). But one this is for sure - few things in life are funnier than a confused pooch.

1. Mmm...I don't believe you.

2.ย Ummm....what?

3.ย You get in here and fight like a man, coward!

4. Is that for me? What is it?

5. I don't know what it is, but I love it!

6. What happened to my feet?!

7. Damn you, invisible force field!

8.ย Why won't you stop springing?!

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