7 Ways To Prevent And Treat Canine Knee Injuries


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We all know the excruciating pain of a twisted knee and that pain can be overwhelming for us sometimes. It goes for our canine buddies who, just like us humans know the feeling too well. But, the good news is that, there are an umpteen number of ways to treat and prevent our dogs from knee injuries. Here are 7 ways to keep your dogs knees healthy and well protected:

Identify The Symptoms:

Our dogs cannot tell us about the pain they are going through so it is our duty to look for the signs. The most common symptom of a knee injury is limping. The dogs usually walk in an imbalanced manner when they have hit their knee. Sometimes they find it difficult to get up. These are the vital symptoms of a knee injury and should not be avoided at any cost.

Comprehending Risk Factors:

Any kind of dog irrespective of breed and age is prone to knee injuries. Understanding the potential of risk factors leading to a knee injury in your dog can lead to a fast recovery and less pain to your furry friend. Being cautious and not taking chances is a very clever approach towards your dogโ€™s well being.

Proper Diet:

Dogs tend to become overweight very quickly if they are overfed. Consult a vet and take a diet chart. The portions that are given to a dog need to be controlled ensuring a healthy life for them. Dogs being dogs will never say no to food. It is up to you to ensure that your buddy doesnโ€™t end up eating more than the usual limit.

Exercise Daily:

Daily exercise is a must in order to prevent knee injuries to happen. Dogs can get lazy and overweight very quickly making their knees more susceptible to injuries. Taking your dog for a brisk walk everyday is considered a very healthy habit.

Prompt Action:

Do not wait to get proper attention to your dogโ€™s knee problem as even one dayโ€™s delay. You wouldnโ€™t have waited if it were your knee right? Taking prompt action helps your canine get rid of the pain quickly.

Dog Proofing The House:

Sometimes too much clutter in the house also causes the dog to get hurt or injured. Making the environment more safe and play friendly for the dog helps in preventing knee injuries. Keeping empty spaces for them to stroll around or play around makes them happy and also safe.

Joint Care Medicines:

Collagen and Glucosamine are two compounds that are known to improve joint condition. They also help in reducing the pain in the knee and aids in controlling the swelling. They are absolutely safe for your dog and have no side effects.

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