7 Ways to Keep Your Dog But Lose the Allergies

7 Ways to Keep Your Dog But Lose the Allergies

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Dogs are wonderful creatures. They are even famously known for being our best friends throughout their lifespan. They are fiercely loyal and they are loving and friendly to all of mankind. They are intelligent, nut also playful and energetic. They are mischievous and always somehow manage to keep us young. It is indeed sad if you canโ€™t get a dog because youโ€™re allergic. However, there are some things you can do so you can combat your allergies and get the dog of your dreams.Saying goodbye to your beloved dog because of some stupid allergies is nothing but ludicrous. There is an array of alternative measures that you can turn to in order to combat your allergies. Donโ€™t make the choice to find your doggo a new home before youโ€™ve tried these. Here are some things you could try.

  1. Make extra-sure that your allergies are in fact from your dog and not anything else.Dander is an allergen that your dog produces. This is usually what causes your allergic reactions. Get an allergy test to make sure. Donโ€™t be sure itโ€™s your dogโ€™s dander, when there are numerous other things that could be causing it. Once you do the test and receive an abnormal result when it comes to pets like cats and dogs, then, and only then, can you be sure that it was your dog causing your allergies. You might as well have been allergic to pollen that could have been stuck to your dogโ€™s coat when you went to pet him.
  2. Consider hypoallergenic breeds.There are a few breeds that cause less allergic reactions when compared to others. This is usually because they have a lower dander production, and dander is what usually causes allergic reactions. Here are a few breeds that you could opt for:* Chinese Crested (they hardly shed)* Bedlington Terriers (with wooly, curly coats)* Bichon Frise (with silky, soft, undercoat and curly, coarse outer coat)* Kerry Blue Terriers (that have a dense, soft coat)* Irish Spaniels (that have curly coats)* Poodles (that have curly and soft fur)
  3. Keep your dog away from family members that are allergic.Isolate the pet from people in your family who have tested as allergic to dogs. Keep the pet out of the bedrooms, outside the house, or on a different floor.
  4. Replace the carpets with wood or tileCarpets trap dander. This can cause irritation even when your dog isnโ€™t around. Tiles and wood are harder surfaces. They donโ€™t trap dander that easily.
  5. Consider mattress covers that are made from plastic.This can help with keeping the dander out of the mattresses, so that it doesnโ€™t cause irritation when you sleep.
  6. Use air cleaners that are HEPAAvoid furnishings that tend to trap dander and use air filters that donโ€™t attract dander.
  7. Bathe your pet regularly.Weekly bathing is recommended to eliminate excess dander.
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